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other soccer papers

An Effective and Fast Soccer Ball Detection and Tracking Method

Automatically Extracting Highlights for TV Baseball Programs

Automatic soccer players tracking in goal scenes by camera motion elimination

A review of vision-based systems for soccer video analysis

A 3D reconstruction and enrichment system for broadcast soccer video

A Computational Framework for SportsVisualization using Multiple Static CamerasA Computational Framework for SportsVisualization using Multiple Static Cameras

Content-Based Sports Video Analysis and Composition

Closed-world tracking of multiple interacting targets for indoor-sports applications

Developing Image Processing Technologies with Wide. Ranging Applications. The Ball Tracking Method by Integration of Mult-Viewpoint Images for Camera Viewpoint Selection in Soccer Game Broadcasting

Multi-sensored Vision for Autonomous Production of Personalized Video Summary

Parallel Tracking of All Soccer Players by Integrating Detected Positions in Multiple View Images

Real-time closed-world tracking

Survey of Sports Video Analysis: Research Issues and Applications

Soccer video analysis by ball, player and referee tracking

The state of the art in multiple object tracking under occlusion in video sequences (2003)

Tracking the soccer ball using multiple fixed cameras

Tracking Using a Local Closed-World Assumption: Tracking in the Football Domain (Citations: 25)

Towards fast and efficient methods for tracking players in sports (Citations: 5)

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