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I wanted to enjoy this until July

So upset.  I just want to kill the director of our team.  He is the man who stopped my pleasure.  There was no tactics, no strategies.  What an idiot he is.

Is he one-celled minded person?  What did he learn during the so many local matches and exercises before the WC?  What an asshole!!  A director should be flexible and be objective observing the game as a third person.  However, he did not seem to be…  Otherwise he shouldn’t have missed so many chances to change players.

Captain Park, Blue Dragon and Youngpyo Lee have led us to the second round.  If with another director, we might have gone further.

Seongyong Ki. You were the most disappointing player.  I saw you afraid of having the ball which causes pass miss.

Dongguk Lee. You are just helpless.  It is not true that you have been unlucky.  You have been lucky enough to be the member of the national team with that skill.  I hope not to see you again as well as the director Heo.

director Heo.  Why did you go there and stop my pleasure this early?

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Posted by on June 26, 2010 in Misc